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Image Protection Tips

Miscellaneous Tips

Photoshop and Web Design Tips
How To Prepare Your Images For Use on a Web Site and for E-mail Attachments
Creating a Drop Shadow using Photoshop
Creating a Drop Shadow using Ulead PhotoImpact (easier)
Creating a Transparent GIF for a home page graphic
Creating a 3D Logo from a Church Dedication Program
Creating a 3D Logo from Scanned Stationary in Photoshop
Batch Processing for the Web in Photoshop
Using a Dual Monitor System and Wacom Tablet for more control of your graphics program's tools
Observations on using a new Sony Artisan Monitor for Photoshop
Scanning with the Epson Perfection 4870 and Epson Scan
includes a short workflow for scanning color negatives
Under Desk Scanner Shelf to save room
Creating Selections in Photoshop
Restoring Old Photos for a Family Web Site
Why have an index.html page within each folder on your web site
Photoshop Links
An excellent resource for advanced Photoshop users on Stephen Marsh's web site
Image Protection Tips
Six easy ways to Protect your Images
on the Internet. In truth, all images that are seen by your visitors are already copied and stored in their computer's browser cache. These are some of the simpler things that can be done to protect them for no cost.
One Size and compress your image properly
This will reduce the quality of a printout, and speed web page load time.
Two Adding a copyright in a text layer
This step has several benefits, including the elimination of any question about copyright. The message can act as promotion for you and your site, wherever your images end up, and provides a point of contact for potential sales.
Three Image Slicing
An example of how slicing a clients images prevented them from being stolen
Four Right click disabling JavaScript
Five Table background covered by a transparent GIF
Six Mouseover Image Swap
Your Legal Rights when another web site steals your images
The Copyright Symbol
Miscellaneous Tips
Inexpensive Easy to Use Digital Video Camera
Recording Telephone Interviews
Tools to capture high quality MP3 audio that's easy to transcribe
FrontPage asking for a local username and password after IE7 upgrade
Using the Internet to Solve Problems
Forums provide access to people who can help solve your problems
A few of my recommended programs
To help organize your life and computer for the new year.
Recommended Programs Links
30 tools for viewing graphics, web design, browsing, utilities
Mat Cutters and Paper Cutters
Using a Sprint phone for Internet access while Traveling
Using the Sprint Vision wireless network for internet access
Using the iRiver iFP-395T MP3 Player
Using the iRiver H10 5 Gig MP3 Player
My Domain Names
Turning off AOL's default image compression
AOL users, understand that if you're using AOL in it's default mode, you are not seeing the quality of images that the web designers intended you to see.

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