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In most cases, I can photograph your work within two or three days of receiving it so you have immediate access to the images to meet show deadlines. I can also photograph your work the same day I receive it and send it back overnight so you have it to sell at your next show. There is no additional charge for the rush service but you must call me in advance to make arrangements.

My affordable prices include all digital processing and formatting and uploading for ZAPP and Juried Art Services. All formats (including full size files) will be provided to you on a CD (or USB flash drive for a small additional fee). I even give you any other size you may need, like for your web site. I recommend having six pieces photographed so you'll have more options of shows to apply to or be able to test different presentations. Prices are from $75 to $125 per photo. Jewelry is $125 per photo which includes changing the background, adding a gradient, halo, and shadowing that accents the shape of the object, so the work really pops. This price also applies to anything I photograph where backgrounds get changed and shadowing added. Individual pieces can be sent at different times and backgrounds will still match perfectly. I can also have your older images match the backgrounds of your new images. Anything is possible, I can even match other photographer's backgrounds. See the examples below and please call me (412-401-8100) so there is no confusion. Jewelers - you can send me a few additional pieces to photograph and I'll only charge for the pieces the background gets changed on. And those extra photographs will be saved so they can be finished and used for jurying in the future. Booth images are $175.

White backgrounds for web site or print - I can shoot jewelry on a white background at a much reduced price - please call 412-401-8100 for a quote. I recently designed a shooting table that allows me to shoot on white plexiglass lighting from below as well as from above. This results in a pure white background. I wouldn't recommend using these images for jurying because the white blinds the jurors.
Unlike other jury slide photographers, I will make no claim on you doing as you choose with the images. In exchange if appropriate, I would expect you to credit me as the photographer whenever the images appears in print. And I might use an image on my web site to advertise my services. If you have a problem getting your pictures printed, you can download a signed release for the images and print it out. Or include a picture of my release on the CD when you have the images printed.
Most importantly, when you work with me, I can put the images up on a private web page as I shoot so you can offer immediate feedback. That way when I'm finished you'll know exactly what you're getting. Just like as if you were here in my studio looking over my shoulder as I compose the image and shoot. Or (I prefer) you can bring me your work and be here as I photograph it and do the image prep in Photoshop.
I also work on images or photograph artwork for college applications. High school students that come to me for help will get a substantial discount. Call 412-401-8100 for more information. I can even do a presentation to your class about photographing artwork.
Booth slides. If you're doing a local Pittsburgh area show, you can make arrangements for me to come and shoot your booth slide. Better yet, you can come to my house and set your booth up in my backyard for me to photograph. That way we can go over the image on the computer before the booth is broken down.
If you're having temporary financial problems (as artists do from time to time) ask about extending half the payment for 30 days. I'd rather you have good jury images to apply to shows with than to put yourself at a disadvantage and not be able to apply.
If you photograph the work yourself or hire another photographer, you can have me do the final post processing. Check out the examples on my fixing jury images page, which also has examples of some of the booth images I've corrected..
Call 412-401-8100 for more information
Jennifer Dixon
Kathleen Smith
Ron Andrews
Kathy Withers
Jackson Ocheltree
Doug Heifetz
Cheri Vissichelli
Mimi Antonetti
Susan White
Lee Drake
Andrea Durnell
Alexa Smarsh
Abra Gorby
Betsy Bracken
Susan Mancuso
Alice Jarrett
Andrea Durnell
Sharon Herrmann
Michael Stephens
James Sherburne
Jan Mayer
Katherine Kienle
Jim Flood
Joe Cyberski
Shelly Knupp
Paula Nettleship
Susan Nichols
Sue and Ira Lances
Nancy Wasserman
Erika Honig
Joan McKee
Betsy Hershberg
Traci Paden
Kim Edwards
Juanita Martin
Jerry Gran
Jonathon Stopper
Susan Nichols
Kathie Huddleston
Kristi Hyde
Joan Michlin
Susan Field
Trisha and Rob Sanford
Lesa Gary
Bob Chatelain
Jane Auciello
Heidi and Paul Barron
Dan Hedblom
Maressa Merwarth
Sabrinah Chappell
Marijke Benedict
Mark Grosser
Jane Ann Steiner
Lilly Kemp
Henry Elfering
James Biond
Patty Sledge
Gregg Burgard
Roberta Elliott
Sally Gardner
Maureen Hearn
Jan Byron
Alex Szabados (open and closed)
Susan Casebeer
Lynn Burcher
Steve Mitchell
Kathy Oda
Jana Margeson
Barbara Nelson
Dave Rizzo
Jayne DeMarcay
Jill Becker
Ron Lentz
Karen O'brien
Debbie Marucci
Celest Michelotti
JJ Reichert
Jeff Goodwin
John Kara
Adam Kaser
Robin Aronson
Beth Keenan

Gloria Danvers
Don McCoy
Rob Caperell
Coco Paniora Salinas
Herb Thomas
Ashleigh Branstetter
Barry Bernstein
Robert Brown
Karen Dwyer
Laurel Davern

Karen McKee

Julie Glassman

Don Vertrees

Eric Arcese

Joe Peck
Tony Sikorski
Barbara Nelson

John Crutchfield

Patty Kennedy-Zafred

Ron Cordell

Marlene McDonald

Alice McLean (open and closed)
Millie Ortiz

Gail Markiewicz

Sandra Klink

Michele Smith

Olga Elman

Rae Gold

Patti Stern
Rob Marksz

Alice Calhoun

Miriam Stewart-Murrell

Jim Dalton

Faye Boyce
Tim Schultz

Jane Auciello

Heaven McCaulley

Teresa Merriman

Peggy Kittelson

Shane Caswell

Penney Whisenhunt

Cathy Martinez

Joan Edelmann

Xiao Xia Zhang

Sher Jacobson

Barbara Pace

Joy Horvath

Richard McCollum

Nina Falk

Robin Morris

Terri Elenzweig

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