Image protection tip #6
Mouseover Image Swap
must have javascript enabled 
I've included this in the security section because it can be used as such. The motorcycle bear image could easily be substituted with an image that tells you the image is copyrighted and shouldn't be copied. But, as with all of these simple procedures, the images can still be captured because they're already in your browser's cache.
These are the elements that need to be modified for your pictures
The name of the motorcycle bear picture is a.jpg
The name of the cat picture is b.jpg
The alt tag is ©BermanGraphics
Both pictures should have the same pixel dimensions for the script to work smoothly. It's specified in the body part of the script as width="400" and height="276". Change that to match the dimensions of your images

Copy this code for the header

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

<!-- JavaScript by web-architect copyright © 2000, web-architect.
if(document.images) {
pics = new Array();
pics[1] = new Image();
pics[1].src = "../images/b.jpg";
pics[2] = new Image();
pics[2].src = "../images/a.jpg";

function changer(from,to) {
if(document.images) {
document.images[from].src = pics[to].src;

Copy this code for the body
(If you want to make the image a link, change the "javascript:void" into a link to the required page)

<a onMouseOver="changer('img1',2)" onMouseOut="changer('img1',1)" href="javascript:void">
<img name="img1"
border="0" vspace="0" hspace="0" src="../images/b.jpg" alt="©BermanGraphics.com" width="400" height="276"></a>

Scripts like this are common on the Internet and can usually be copied providing that the author's comment tag isn't edited out
This has been modified from a
button script

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