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Dual Monitor Computer with a Wacom Tablet 
for working on Graphics

In January 2005 I purchased the Sony Artisan Reference Monitor

September 2005
Larry Berman's dual computer dual monitor graphics system
(1) Sony Artisan Reference monitor as part of a dual 21" monitor system with a (2) Dell Sony 1620 monitor connected to a new (6) 3.4 GHg computer with 2 Gigs ram and an PCI Express ATA Radeon X800XL graphics card with 256 megs of video ram. My two year old Dell 2.8 GHg computer (7) now dedicated to scanning with the (8) Nikon CoolScan 5000ED and (9) Epson Perfection 4870 flatbed scanner on a shelf that pulls out from under the desk. Finding LCD monitor difficult, if not impossible to calibrate. I was able to find one of the last (3) LaCie 22" Electron Blue CRT monitors which runs through a Radeon 9800 Pro graphics card with 128 megs of video ram.
Additional components are (4) 800 MHz cordless telephone with headset. 800 MHz so it doesn't interfere with my wireless network and a headset so I can continue working while answering the phone. (5) Wacom Intuos 3 USB graphics tablet.(10) Dell 4100 MP digital projector and (11) Roku media player for test projecting problem scans. That the same projection equipment that ZAPP uses for digital jurying. (12) is a three light power switch under the desk that controls a keyboard light for working in the dark, a light box (not shown because it's off to the left side) and a ceiling light behind the monitors that point up so as not to affect the image. For most graphics work, I keep the windows covered and lights out. That's how I calibrate the monitors so the images view accurately on the Sony Artisan.
Also in the picture but not numbered is a series of IDE hard drive in USB2 enclosures behind the LaCie, The Monaco Optix XR calibration system and a Western Digital 320 Gig USB2 backup drive. Between the computers on the floor is a heavy duty UPS that powers all three monitors and two computers if the power is interrupted. Both computers are on rolling platforms so they can be accessed easily.

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