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Improving Your Jury Images

The quality of your submitted images are critical when it comes to applying to art shows or presenting your artwork to prospective clients. I've worked with over 5,000 artists who now have better looking images and an increased chance of success. See my testimonial page.

Working With Me

All image improvements completed and uploaded within 24 hours (usually the same day) so you can meet any deadline.

My Services

Besides photographing artwork for artists, I have two levels of image improvement. The first and most often requested is the basic $30 per image package or five images for $140. Perfect for artists wanting improved images to apply to art shows asking for digital images or using ZAPP or JAS. The second level is my advanced $95 per image package which includes changing the background, adding shadowing to make the artwork pop and removing reflections from photographer's lights. I also improve booth images.

Besides my imaging services, I do free image evaluations and consulting with artists. And if you want to do your own image processing but need help formatting the images for ZAPP or JAS, I offer free ZAPP image formatting on my JuryImages.com web site, which doesn't improve the images, only converts them to the sRGB color space and formats them properly for ZAPP 

Basic Image Improvement Package
$30 per image or five for $140 - Includes color correction and cropping to optimize how the jurors view them. Includes formatting for ZAPP and JAS as well as any other format you may need if requested at the same time, which might include 4x6 prints, 35mm slides or for your web site. It also includes removing signatures from 2D art. Besides working from digital images, I can scan 35mm slides and flat art up to 11x14, color correcting them for the same $30. I also scan and color correct medium or large format transparencies up to 4x5 for $30 each. So, the price for five images is $140. It's $20 per additional image.

Before and after examples of my basic
correction of 2D and 3D art images

For more information or to make arrangements to send me your images or artwork please call 412-401-8100

Advanced Image Improvement Package

$95 per image - Includes everything in the Basic Package plus extracting the artwork from the background and dropping it into a graduated background that accents the shape of the piece with real three dimensional shadowing added. It also includes removing hot spot reflections from photographer's lights. A uniform set of images designed to WOW the jurors. Includes uploading to ZAPP and JAS and providing all formats on a CD. So the price for five images is $475.

Before and after examples of my advanced
background retouching and hot spot removal

more examples of how I've improved photographs of artwork
taken in the artist booth at art shows

For more information or to make arrangements to send me your images or artwork please call 412-401-8100
The background change and shadowing can also be added to photographs I take of your art, like in the examples below.

For more information or to make arrangements to send me your images or artwork please call 412-401-8100

Improving the Booth Image

The price usually varies between $35 and $200 depending on the complexity of the work desired. Anything is possible. I can replace artwork within frames or on canvases, add a carpet or take wrinkles out of table covers. In most cases I can also remove your name sign. I've also been able to recreate an entire canopy wall or add a canopy to an indoor booth.
If you're going to be shooting your own booth picture, please contact me in advance and I'll walk you through taking an improved picture. Please follow my tips page on how to take a booth picture. For the first round of jurying at some of the top shows, the jurors may see all your images together for approximately ten seconds and usually no more than twenty seconds. Anything that distracts them in your booth image may shorten the time they get to evaluate your art images. Your booth image needs to read well at a glance.

Before and after booth examples

Please call 412-401-8100 for more information or to make arrangements to send me your images to improve or artwork to photograph.

Working With Me

Before sending your images, please call 412-401-8100 so I can get the information I need to complete your job the same day. Yes, all images get done and uploaded the same day . You can even call at the last minute if you have a deadline and need immediate help. Send one image per email to larry@bermanart.com or use the image upload form. If you're mailing a CD, please sent it to:

Larry Berman
3872 Saxonburg Blvd.
Cheswick, PA 15024

If you're having financial problems, ask about splitting the payment up. I'd rather you have great images to apply with even if you can't afford to pay me immediately. I also work for free for artists that have severe financial or medical problems.
When you work with me, I become your support person. You can call me anytime if you have a question or problem. I can even log into ZAPP or JAS with you if you need help completing an application. I have over 35 years experience doing (over 1,000) art shows, including most of the top shows in the country. Sign up for my monthly jury tips newsletter

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