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Testimonials e-mailed to me by some of the over 3,000 artists for whom I've scanned jury slides and helped through the application process, meeting all deadlines.
These are just some of the reasons I'm the only one that ZAPP and Juried Art Services recommends as a scanning solution to the art shows, the participating shows recommend me to their artists and the artists recommends me to other artists.
Hi Larry, Just a quick note to say thanks for taking care of my clients so well. I send everyone to you now! I just don't have time to do it all. Image uploading just had to go. From what I see here on my beautiful cinema display the images look great! Great color and your sense of proportion, cropping the images, is excellent (a lot of people don't get it). So, just a quick tip of the hat. Back to work! Hap Sakwa (jury slide photographer)
Although many people dislike the black borders, Larry Berman's original inspiration to standardize on square images was a brilliant way to level the playing field between vertical and horizontal images. I continue to supply my clients with jury files in the original ZAPP format, preferring to do it properly myself to preserve image quality rather than to trust ZAPP's automation. George Post (jury slide photographer)
On October 7th, 2013, I was given an award at the ZAPP conference in Louisville, acknowledging the help I've given ZAPP, and the thousands of artists I've worked with, making sure that the images were presented to the jurors in a way that was fair for all artists. You can read more about the award here.

Hire me to prepare your images for any of the digital jury systems

Larry, haven't had a spare moment to thank you for my new booth image. I was reminded of it this morning when I received my acceptance to a Howard Alan Show Art Show, which honestly, I applied to as an experiment to see if the jewelry category of the show was accessible. I think you must have done a hell of a job. Thank you. Amanda Cousins

You keep us all in good shows. Teri Causey

Larry, Just wanted to thank you once again for doing such a great job with photographing my glass. I was entered in a competition this past weekend and Carolina Arts magazine used my photo 3 times and credited me. They did ask permission and told me it's because my photos were so good. Kathy Oda

Hi Larry, Can't thank you enough. A huge weight off my shoulders... Wow, and what a learning curve! What you do for artists is incredible, and incredibly appreciated! Thanks again, Breezy Anderson

Hey Larry, Because of your amazing work with my jury images after 3 attempts I finally made it into Cherry Creek 2014. Thank you so much. I couldn't have done it with out you. Michael Zavison

Larry, The pictures you prepared for Zapp are fantastic. "You are worth your weight in gold." Difficult for me to understand how you were able to work such magic with pictures shot on my iPhone. Hopefully, we can come close with a decent booth shot. Will use my camera this time and try to give you more to work with. Thanks again for your quick and highly competent workmanship! Jack Farley

Hey Larry, Because of your amazing work with my jury images, I finally made it into Cherry Creek for 2014. Thank you so much. I couldn't have done it with out you. Michael Zavison

Larry, All the photos are amazing. I can't believe what you were able to do with our photography! Lisa Butts

Larry, Thank you so much for the new beautiful pictures that make me happier and more confident to apply to competitive shows. Caroline Kramer

Hi Larry, I had the pleasure meeting Howard and Debbie Alan at Las Olas Art Festival a couple of weeks ago. We really enjoyed doing such a well organized show! We gratefully appreciate your beautiful photos of my Jewelry and recommendations to do the Howard Alan Shows. I look forward to continue working with you. Thank you again! Sophie and Larry Stern

Dear Larry, Congratulations on your award from ZAPPlication. Thank you too, for your encouragement and support (including your time and skills) to help us reach our potential. Sincerely, Karen Gelbard, aka "The Oregon Weaver"

I just had Larry Berman do a fabalous job of cleaning up my pictures. He's a pro and I love seeing someone in action who is very good at what he does. David Nagel

Hi Larry, Coco and I have been meaning to write to you for a month or so now. Kindly forgive our delay in thanking you for the beautiful images you did of Coco's macrame work. We were instantly rewarded as Coco received an invitation to exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show as an Emerging Artist. You made his work look like the masterpieces they are. We cannot thank you enough! Melanie & Coco of Rumi Sumaq

Larry, A quick note to says Thank-You for your hard work and efforts on my jury photos. I have gotten two acceptance letters and a personal response from one promoter on how nice the items looked. Thanks again Jim Granger

Larry, At the end of May you took pictures of my jewelry and did a booth shot for me. I just wanted to let you knows that I received my first acceptance for the Piedmont Park Art Festival in Atlanta in August. I'm sure I wouldn't have been accepted without your photos, so I just wanted to say thanks! This will be the biggest show I've ever been in, so hopefully the sales will be really good! Thank You, Jolene Cazzola

Hi Larry, I wanted to thank you for fixing my photograph that I entered in the Lark Publishing 1000 Beads Showcase publishing event. I wanted to let you know that my bead was selected to appear in the book! It is the one you have displayed in your 'fixing jury images' page (the pink/black bead). Your work on my awful photo made the bead look extraordinary. Again, thank you so much for your work and expertise! Candace Stribling, Beadnicity Jewelry Designs

Thank you so much for the wonderful photos. They look really good and I am very happy with them. I did want to let you know that since I have had you photographing my jewelry, I am now getting accepted into art shows that I had previously been rejected for. I also had your photos enlarged and printed for display in my booth and I cannot tell you the number of people that come into my booth because the photos have caught their attention. I am no longer just another jeweler, the photos have shown that I have something unique and different to offer. Your help, guidance, suggestions and expertise have been greatly appreciated:) When I did the Savannah Fine Arts on the River show, the jury photos you did for me caught the judges attention and they came to thoroughly look at my work. I won Best in Jewelry! I am sooo happy. I just wanted to share that with you. Marlene McDonald

Hi Larry! Just want to say a 'Big Thank You' for retouching my pictures. I got into three of the four big festivals I applied to with those images so far. May your 'Magic Wand' see me through the last of the big four and many more to come!! Thank you again. Uzo Ezekwudo

Larry!! why didn't i do this sooner!!! love them!!!!!! They are really fantastic. thank you so much, happy so happy! Emily Keifer Fine Jewels

Hi Larry! I just wanted to let you know that it seems we are having much better results with our applications this year! I attribute that to the work you did with our pictures. Thank you so much! Kathy Laga Rattlesnake Industries

Larry, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking such incredible shots of my jewelry. Today as I was inquiring about the show schedule for Huffman Productions I saw one of my photos being used for PR pictures. Since I have had you take my pictures, shows have used my jewelry in Art/Craft directory booklets, show posters, online pics, and probably the biggest compliment on 2 billboards in the Ann Arbor area! Thank you for helping open new doors for me. Cheryl Stevens

Hi Larry, As a newcomer to the field of juried art shows, I want to say a special thank you for all your encouragement, advice, and assistance with my jury photos. Your availability and willingness to help me understand this entire process was such a blessing. You are a truly generous person, and a great asset to the art show world! I appreciate the attention to detail that Larry gave to each of my pictures. It's really nice to have pictures that I feel really confident about using. Sincerely, Nancy Soderstrom

Larry, Thanks for your help. I am thrilled with my revised images! I also feel much more confident of my ability to take my own photos now. Thanks, Peggy Paulson

Hi Larry, Thanks for the great job "fixing" my images last year. I recently was invited to the Smithsonian Craft Show after 3 years of applying! Greg Klassen

Larry is a photography God in my opinion. I am beyond impressed with his work and skills. Any artist who is serious about jurying into the A list shows should hire Larry to prepare their images. I thought my photography was good until Larry worked on it, now it is outstanding. You've earned my business for life. Thank you, Larry, you are a kind, compassionate and very talented professional. Elle Heiligenstein

Posted to Linkedin: Larry Berman has been my photographer for my jury and marketing photos for my jewelry business. Larry is not only an expert in what he does he is also very easy to work with. Since using the photos that Larry has done for me, I have gotten into better and better art shows. Larry has much knowledge and expertise and is willing to share it and that is a rare attribute in today's world. Diane Wright

Larry, Thank you for your work on my slides, I was accepted into ACC Baltimore Wholesale/Retail and ACC Atlanta. This is very rewarding to me especially since I have not done an ACC Show since 1999 due to a melanoma diagnosis. Again, thank you so much.. Regards, Colleen Bronstein

Dear Larry, Thought I would share a happy note with you. I have been accepted into the ACC San Francisco. No wait list this time. Thank you for you help with the photos and your encouragement to select a consistent body of work. Sincerely, Karen Gelbard, The Oregon Weaver

Hey Larry! I just wanted to thank you. You helped me with my booth shot and some artwork photos several months ago. since then I've gotten into every show I've applied to and even had to decline 2 invitations due to double booking. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your tips and newsletter as well as the photo adjustments. Hope you and yours are well and that you are having great shows and perfect weather. Staci Swider

Hi Larry, Just wanted to let you know that I was accepted into the La Jolla Art & Wine Festival and I'm sure that your efforts with my photos were instrumental in that. Thanks for all your advice, Mitzi Howard

Hi Larry, Just wanted to send you a quick note and say "thanks" again for helping me improve my jury images. I have recently been accepted into the Sausalito Arts Festival and the American Craft Exposition in Evanston. These are pretty big honors for me! And I think my improved images had something to do with it. Thanks, Greg Klassen Furniture Maker

Hi Larry, I've applied to twelve shows since you worked on my images and I've only been rejected from one and two wait listed. Frank Thompson

Larry, A quick note to says Thank-You for your hard work and efforts on my jury photos. I have gotten two acceptance letters and a personal response from one promoter on how nice the items looked. Thanks again Jim Granger

Hi Larry, I just wanted to let you know that two of the pieces you recently photographed for me were accepted into "Lenses and Filters", opening May 11 at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. No doubt this success was partially due to your exquisite photography of my work! Thanks so much! Patty Kennedy-Zafred

Hi Larry, What a difference. I just can't believe I did not see it! Thank you!!!! I guess I need to step back and breathe. I'll have you edit some of the others at a later date. Virginia Testa

I don't know how you do what you do but the images look miraculous to me. Ever since you have been working on my images, my ZAPP acceptance rate has increased by more than 50%. Melanie Miller

Larry. You are a magician! They are just beautiful, I am so excited. Thank you so so very much. I feel like crying. There is a special place in heaven for artists who help other artists (and are dog people). Suzanne Ens

Hi Larry, i just went to your website, halleluiah, feel like I found gold in a haystack. I'd love for you to fix up my pictures for ZAPP. I haven't applied to any spring shows and I need to get a move on fast. I just realized today that one of my best shows of last year has now also joined ZAPP and I had a little panic attack. Jeana Houndsome

Very nice working with you Larry. I can see why your name is synonymous with the highest standard. Colin Maher

Hi Larry, You're better than a doctor on call. You're always there when I need help. Ayesha Mayadas

Larry and I were working on my photos last night -- LATE. What he did was minimal, but made a huge difference in the total presentation. It was editing. I've done my share of writing and know the importance of editing in that media. But last night I also realized the importance of editing and tweaking in photography. I also learned a lot about the jurying process just by talking with him. Good job Larry! Charlotte Burnett posted to AFI

Good evening Larry, Thank you so much for all your hard work! The images are truly amazing! We're already talking about the next set of pieces to send you for a backup set. We'll let you know how the next applications go. Sincerely, Don and Dawn Vertrees

Hi Larry, I just wanted to give you some feedback on the use of the photos that you worked on for me. I used them to apply to 2 upcoming arts festivals. One of those is not due to reply to me until October. However, I just received word from the other one. I've been accepted into the show. This is the first time I've ever applied to a show and I used the photos on which you worked! I got in the very first time! I am so thankful to you and so utterly amazed that I've been giddy all day. I cannot thank you enough. I know I will be asking for your digital help in the future. Karen O'Brien

Your jury photos just got me into the show I wanted to get into. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. This is my first "big" show so I'm really excited and I'm very grateful to you for your help because I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten in without it. I'll be sending you pieces throughout the year to be photographed for jurying. Thank you again. Pat Greer

Hi Larry, thank you for helping with my jury and booth photos last year. It has made a huge difference and I have been successfully getting in to the shows I want! And thanks for all the tips on Art Fair Insiders too! Kay Cummins

Hi Larry, It's been a while since I converted a picture to ZAPP restrictions and I went brain dead. Had a deadline today and remembered your converter. You saved my life. Thank you so much. I know it will come back to me but today you saved me. THANKS! Pat Finney

You are a wizard! The booth photo is gorgeous! I was so thrilled and excited, I applied to two shows last night when I should have been doing other things. Barbara Singer

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hi Larry, We received notification last night that we were accepted into and received the invitation to participate in the show we wanted to do. I know that all your work with tips and help in doing our pictures was a determining factor in our success. We are sincerely grateful for your help, Thank You. Once again, Thank You for putting on cloud 9. Bill Cross and Brenda Thomas

Dear Larry, I wanted to send you an email expressing my sincere gratitude for your help last year with my jury slides and booth photo. Your kindness and wisdom has resulted in my invitation to a show this year that I was rejected from previously. I am 100% certain that your help enabled me to get into the show. I will be forever grateful. You are truly a godsend to the art show industry. Your generosity and knowledge are very much appreciated. Sincerely, Debby Gwaltney

Hi Larry, I absolutely LOVE the picture of my booth, thank you for working with me. You did a fantastic job. I will be sure to recommend you to whoever I can. Deb Williams

Hi Larry, We think you did a super job on our booth image - and think this will help us. Thank you! Jim and Judith Miller

Hi Larry, I sent those photos of my bags that you shot to Haute Handbags and they emailed me and said they absolutely love my Tulip Bags. They said they're a work of art! They requested the bags so I shipped them to Laguna Beach. The bags will be in the magazine in the fall. Thanks for your help! Debbie Gilbert

Hi Larry. Your suggestions for my booth slide obviously worked. I have been accepted in the State Street show in Ann Arbor as well as Old Town. I've tried to get in Old Town for seven years so I was happy when I got that notice. Thanks for you help! Jan Bell

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful pictures and the quick turnaround time. I got word of my acceptance to the Rosen show today and I couldn't have done it without your quality images. I will definitely recommend your services to any of my crafters friends looking for a photographer. Matt Olian

Thank you so much for all your work on my jury images Larry. I can't believe what an improvement they are. Your design sense, technical expertise, and attention to detail are much appreciated. And thanks as well for sharing your experience and advice with me on the phone. I'm so lucky to have met you. Let's make it in person some time, shall we? Lakefront, perhaps? Amy Flynn

Unbelievable!! WOW!!, that's amazing what someone who knows what they're doing can do!! The booth looks great!! And the pieces that I thought were as good as could be done, you took them to next level, and to top it all off fast, fast, fast!! Thank you so very much Larry, my friend was right to be singing your praises, and I will join the choir. when we get ready to take the booth shot again, I will see when you are available so we can make the changes necessary before the final pix. I am reading all the pointers on your web site to try and get it right the first time. thank you again, Sherrie Venghaus

The picture looks wonderful! I took this picture less than 24 hrs ago! You make this part of doing business is SO much easier than it used to be! Thanks, Larry. Judy Rand

Hi Larry, Wonderful news!!!! I was accepted at ACC Baltimore and number 1 or number 2 on the waitlist for San Francisco, Atlanta and St. Paul! Thanks so much, I could not have done this without your great photos! Thank you, Thank you! Nina Gelardi

Larry, Thanks so much everything looks great. I can hardly believe that is the same booth shot, OMG!! You should use that as a before and after example. I don't think I need to worry about that anymore but if sometime this year I get a new shot that I like, I will send it to you for formatting to ZAPP. It has been a pleasure, I will be sure to mention your name as often as possible. Thanks for the great service. Suzanne Rehbock

Wow Larry, you are good! Thanks, the slides look great and they come closer to my vision than anything else has in a few years. Thanks so much! Judy Goskey

No, I have not used your service before (just starting out), but I wanted to tell you thank you. You have taught me so much with the freely provided information on your website and it is much appreciated. A lot of professionals are not willing to be mentors. Thanks again and I wish you much success. Sincerely, Tonya Hedgeman

Great job Larry! I'm so excited to use that booth shot now. It might just be the deciding factor to get me past the jury. Thanks again for all your help. Jo Edwards

Larry, Again, thank you so very much for your help with my images!!! I will be busy almost every weekend this spring and fall because I got into so many shows!!! I could have never done it if it wasn't for you... you're the best!!! THANK YOU!!! Gosia Borchardt

Posted to the Art Fair SourceBook forum - April 2010
Larry Berman - ZAPP Superhero. My regular photographer was not available so I had to use a different photographer who "specialized" in ZAPP and JAS images. BIG MISTAKE! The images came back terrible, wrong color space, horrible cropping, etc... I thought that this was a lesson learned and that they would not be usable as jury slides. That was until I had Larry Berman look at them. His work is AMAZING I was just blown away with his talent. He was able to fix them so they look like they do in real life. He has such an eye for how a jury image should look. I now know I am not good enough to color correct and crop my own images, I thought this was a simple skill anyone can do but, for $20 I will just send it to Larry who has so much experience. I now feel I can use these jury images after Larry corrected them (Same day turnaround). I can't say enough about him and highly recommend him for ZAPP image preparation. Nichole Collins

Hello Larry, I wanted to tell you THANK YOU for all the information on your website. Especially all the tips about photographing art work. I'm an abstract artist and I'm now getting ready to get into the art show world. I've photographed my work before for my website and blog, but was doing it all wrong. I knew there were things I needed to do different and now thanks to you, I know exactly what to do and what not to do! Monica Melgar

Larry, You formatted and established my ZAPP gallery a few years ago and I have been using the images ever since to apply for shows. I have newer images that I tried to include in my ZAPP gallery, but they turned out terrible. Even though I have Adobe Photoshop Elements, the quality of the images themselves were something to be desired and not at all as good as yours. I can only conclude that you worked on the resolution and color quality to make them look authentic. Of all the shows I used them for I have had only two rejections. So, since I am obviously not skilled enough to do the job on my own, I am turning to you again for assistance. Jack and Nancy Talmage

Thanks Larry. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you to take care of these problems. I wish you would whip all these shows into shape once and for all. So glad I found you!! Thanks again - Laurel Davern

Thanks for all your work. It's been four years since I quit print making and started mixed media paintings. With the help of your photography, I'm getting back into some of the major shows again. Thanks again, Gene Brown

Hi Larry, Thank you so very much for opening the door I was having trouble finding. I appreciate your work and everything you do to enable artists to break out and show their work. Kathy Pyers

I took my new booth shots yesterday inside the church. Sent them to Larry Berman today for some adjustments, and I think they look great! Thanks Larry for working on these for me - it does truly look like it was professionally photographed - I really appreciate how helpful you are to those of us that are relatively new to the art business. I uploaded my booth image to ZAPP with my other new images- now lets hope that the juries like them as much as I do. Karin Neuvirth

Larry, You are a very good man, not to mention extremely competent and reliable. I would hate to imagine what our struggling “industry” would be like without you. My sincere thanks for your dedication to American arts and crafts people! Jan Mayer

Hi Larry, All we can say is “WOW!” The jury images you sent back to us yesterday are fantastic. There is a lot to be said for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the hard work we put into our art everyday is now accurately represented in the images the juries see. You also performed a virtual miracle on the booth shot that I sent you from last year’s MAIN ST Fort Worth - Ken is thrilled. This is now a usable image. We should have come to you a long time ago. We will be singing your praises, believe me. Diana Ferguson & Ken Ferguson

Good morning Larry, It was a pleasure working with you. I greatly appreciate your prompt service under a very tight deadline. Your work is fabulous and I'm sure I will be working with you again. Thanks again for being so patient in accommodating my requests. Pam Dowler

Hi Larry, I had you clean up some photos of my work this fall. I did not get into the Smithsonian, but did get into Cherry Creek this year and I am happy. Deborah Falls

Hi Larry, I'm very impressed. The pictures look great. Thank you. I'm sure I'll talk to you again soon. Again, thank you. Great job. Don Mabry

Hi Larry, A big thank you for the excellent photography of our kaleidoscopes. We just received notification that we were accepted into the 2010 Smithsonian Craft Show. We also passed the standards review in both scopes and jewelry for the Guild show. Steve & Peggy Kittelson

Hi Larry, Everything looks great! Your images have much more color saturation than the images I sent you and they resemble the original paintings much more closely. I am happily satisfied. with what you've done. Thanks. Breck Smith, applying for the North Carolina artist grant application

Dear Larry, I just submitted my application. You are a true hero! My pathetic pictures would never gotten me into this show. Your photos were pristine. People that are willing to perform pro bono work for those suffering financial hardships are few and far between. You encompass this rare quality and I am truly thankful for the work that you performed for me. Jackie Foley-Klein

Hi Larry, A million thanks for being so generous with all that in-depth knowledge you possess of digital imaging, and for your high professional standards. It is so refreshing to work with someone whose primary goal is to serve the customer's best interest, rather than to solely increase his/her bottom line. Kudos to you for that, and for providing such a great service with your website. Wendy Staub

The images look really good. We've had a great year getting into a lot of good shows on ZAPP and I keep telling other artists about you, because I think you had a lot to do with it! Thanks. Mindy Rhoads

What you did with our images was awesome because we've gotten into eight out of ten shows. Sergey and Renee Cherep

Larry, Thanks again for taking the time to help my family and having us benefit from your fantastic work. We really love what you have done! Dan and Nataly Balk

Hi Larry, I look forward to working with you! I hear you are a miracle worker and a hero to many artists! Lulu Kaufman

Hi Larry, seems your cropping did good for me this season. I did get into several of the shows I applied to, including some wait lists for good shows. Thanks much for putting the time into my photos. Ami Davis

Just to let you know: Old pictures sent to ZAPP - never got in a show. New shots with the Larry Berman touch - first 5 shows, in all!!! Including the hard to get in Park City. Most in both Pastels and Rope Basket Sculptures. Thanks Larry. Phil and Rhonda Brewer

Hi Larry. I wanted to thank you for the beautiful new slide and for all of the time that you spent in photographing the grandfather clock. I already used the disk that you gave me. It was amazing that I had it before I left your house. I already sent it to be made into slides. The service that you provide really makes my life easier! Thanks, again! You are terrific! Evy Rogers

Hi Larry, Your photo's helped me to get into the Milwaukee Lakefront art festival - thank you. Pat Smith

Thanks so much for these past few days working with me. You were so available and easy to work with Larry! ! It was a 'fluke' that I called you after reading some of your posts on the ZAPP forum - working with you was expedient, professional and a pleasure. Ami Davis

Hi Larry. Thank you so much for all you do to support the art community - what a blessing you are. Linette Arakawa

Hi Larry, The images you did for me got me into a lot of shows, thanks. I have some more images that I would like you to color correct and convert to the ZAPP format for me. Thanks, Greg Johns

Larry, Just wanted to say thanks again for helping me with my ZAPP problem today and for all your great insight, info and advise about this crazy business. So, you want to hear something funny? After all the booth business, the show I applied to does not request a booth shot. Sara Strozinsky

Thanks Larry. Your efficiency and skills with digital imaging technology combined with your understanding of the computer is beyond excellent and life saving for those of us who don't understand. It is always comforting to me to know that you live inside the computer. Claudia Jane Klein

Dear Larry, Thank you so much for helping me with all that is necessary for ZAPP. I felt so lost to do this process. I am so grateful that you are out there helping us artists. Theresa Hollister

Dear Larry, I can't thank you enough for all your help! The photographs that you took of my jewelry are absolutely gorgeous & what you've done with my booth shot is amazing!!! Thank you so much for assisting me to go through the application and making my life easier. I am soooo happy to have found you! I am very lucky! Thanks a million. Mira Revzina

Hi Larry, We have been very successful with the images I sent you last year to edit for ZAPP. We were accepted in several shows that we were wanted to get into. Thanks so much for your help, and I enjoy reading your newsletter periodically. Skip and Racheal Mathews

Larry, I applied to my first show on Juried Art Services which went very smoothly. The images look great. Thanks for the excellent service! Jan Mayer

Larry, I'm impressed with what you did to the images and so quickly, even to my booth slide. Thanks ever so much. You and your talent are now an integral part of my ever evolving art business plan and metaphorically, a rung in my "ladder" of career development. You've already taught me so much in just our brief conversations and through your website info pages and photos. Donna Turgeon

Hi Larry. Thanks so much for work you did on my slides and uploading them for Juried Art Services. When I looked at yours compared to what I had submitted previously myself, it was shocking. Mine were all flat and tinted blue and yours were crisp with great color and really popped! Thanks to you I was accepted to the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. You and your website are a great asset to the artist's community. Wonderful work for reasonable prices at lightning speed. Maureen Ellis

Dear Larry, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for helping me with the ZAPP entry form. You did a GREAT JOB scanning my images. I couldn't have asked for a better representation of my work. I will definitely use you again in the future, and recommend you to my artist friends. And your instructions were PERFECT! Sincerely, Doug Martindale

Larry, I can't thank you enough for all you have done for us, you are a life saver, and truly could not have done it with out you! The images look wonderful. You are the BEST !!! thanks, Myrna Barnett

Thanks so much. The images look wonderful. My friend was correct you do magic. Again thanks for your prompt service and professionalism. Jerry Hymel

Thanks so much for the cd with your finished work. As I've said before (probably too many times, but still sincerely), I do appreciate your help. Your fee shows that you are not greedy at all, in fact, you are more of a skilled mentor than anything else. Judith ODell

You did a wonderful job formatting my digital images for my ZAPPlications and Juried Art Services portfolios. You were very professional and informative to work with. I would recommend your services to any artist that needs help. Kimberly Willcox

Hi Larry, Just wanted to let you know that I got into every ZAPP show I applied for this year using the new booth shot you helped me with. I was praying to god that whole weekend it took to do those that it would help get into more art shows. People, myself included, underestimate the importance of our booth shot. I wish I would have smartened up years ago. Thanks so much. You're an asset to everybody you help! You've always given me good advice and I really appreciate the extra time you spend helping me. Angela Peterson

I want to thank you for the work you did with my slides I am so happy to have been accepted to my first ZAPPlication show ever. I feel that you are a great asset to the artists you come in contact with and it is really refreshing to find someone as open and unafraid to share information and offer help when needed. I really do mean it when I say thank you for all the help you have given me. Jessica Daman

Hi Larry, I'm 3 for 3 with ZAPP since having you redo my images. Before that I was 1 - 6 with ZAPP. Just wanted to let you know. Phillip Singer

Dear Larry, Thank you so much for sending my images to the Smithsonian on such short notice this morning, and for all the other times that I've called and you've solved my problems WHILE I'M ON THE PHONE WITH YOU FOR GOD SAKES! I want you to know that since you worked on my images that this year I got into Lakefront after trying for 17 years, St. Louis after trying for 13 years and THE SMITHSONIAN after trying for 20+ years. I knew that the images of my work were the key to getting into shows, but it took you to turn the key. Thanks again, Gwen Bennett

Larry,  Your work on the two pieces Hap sent to you was just great. I can hardly wait to get all the pictures looking great. Thanks for you help and your tips. Sincerely, Sherri & Brite Taylor

Larry: We took a look at the photos you took for us on ZAPP. They're absolutely beautiful, exquisite. The lighting and perspective, etc., are all perfect. Thank you very, very much. They're by far the best photographs of our work we've ever had taken. I keep hearing a refrain among artists/craftspeople that they can't get into ZAPP shows. I keep telling them their chances would improve if they'd send their images to you. Your work certainly improved my lot. Thanks again. Hank Schlau

Hi Larry, Just wanted to thank you for helping us get in the Melbourne Art Show this weekend. Those zap files you helped us with did the trick. Now we just need to make it happen and sell a lot of paintings. Carlos Corvado and Mari

Hey Larry, You are my Superman for real. My first acceptance with ZAPP since you did my new stuff. I can't thank you enough, and I can't tell you how perfectly great you are. Thank you so much, more work coming your way!! I love you. Susan Lane

I was taking really good slides but now with many shows and art exhibits requesting digital images it has been a nightmare. I happened onto Larry’s site in a desperate attempt to improve my images. I read all the recommendations but I still wasn’t quite there. I decided to contact Larry. Just talking to the guy for a few minutes was enough to improve my photography immeasurably. Then there is the image prep and correction. I have Corel draw and paint shop pro but I would need to spend a couple hours each day for a long, long, long, time getting the hang of it. For just a couple of bucks I ended up with amazing images. In addition I didn’t have to waste my time struggling with another aspect of this business that takes me away from what I really love. So thanks Larry You are my new best friend Sharon Weltner

Hi Larry, I received my disc yesterday with the 13 slide images. They all looked great.! It was so kind of you to include several different resolutions of each slide. These will serve me well in future applications of a varying sort. Your online instructions for creating ZAPP files for the North Carolina artist grant application is how I learned about your services. I'll be sure to pass on my superlative recommendations to other artists. Nancy Whittington

Thank you Larry! The pictures looked very good and the instructions made it much easier to apply. We appreciate your help very much. It made the whole ZAPP experience much less frightening. Carl and Carol Coss

Hi Larry, I finished the application process. I couldn't have done it without you, so thank you very very much. I thought you did a great job with what you had to work with! I won't know until March 15th if I'm accepted or not. I'll let you know! Again, thanks Larry for not only adjusting my photos, but for the advice and the great instructions you gave me. I'll be in touch! Myrna Grigsby

Hi Larry. I wanted to let you know that I got into Forth Worth this year. Wow! So glad I had you work on my slides and we made the new booth shot. First time in the show since the mid 80's. Thanks. Geri Lynn

Dear Larry, Again, more thanks to you for your image assistance. I've been invited to La Quinta after 8 years of rejection so that is yet more evidence of your expertise. All my best, Christy Beckwith

Hi Larry. They look great. Your work is so good and still gets me into most shows I apply to. Michele Levett

Thanks Larry. They look WONDERFUL and we really appreciate the incredibly quick turn around time to help us meet our deadline. We just sent out our zapplications (after an agonizing first attempt at formatting our display photo to the square Zapp format) and I thought that we needed to thank you for your overall efforts. All of the information and instructions that you provide on the ZAPP web site as well as your own website and the e-mails that accompany your work are so generously well thought out. I think it's an incredibly giving gesture in a world where knowledge is power and so many choose to hold back what they know for that very purpose. And, again, we have to thank you for helping us get our first photos up when we were really in a time crunch. Kim Kondrat and Armando Suarez

I was invited on Thursday to view the preliminary run through for the Art Fest Fprt Myers before the jurors arrive on Fri. All I can say is amazing. As long as your images are done right using all the image area and color punch they are incredible to see, nowhere near what a slide projector does. I thank you for the great job you did. They look exactly like my artwork and jumped right off the wall. If anyone has a chance to see their work as the judges do you learn allot!!! What to do and not do. Thanks for all your help much appreciated!!! Barbara Groenteman

Larry, Thank you so much for working your magic on our images. You took images taken by our antiquated 1.3 megapixel digital camera (we'll have a new one ASAP) and made them look better than we all had expected! We can't wait to see what you can do with images from our new camera. With much appreciation, Valentine and Sandy Hart

Dear Larry, I think the new images look great. Of course I don't have the perspective and insight that you do, but nonetheless I like how you have cropped them and I see that you were able to eliminate the imperfections in the white background which is actually just a big wooden wall that I built for photographic purposes. Once again, I so appreciate your clear intention to assist us novices with this process of digital presentation. The longer I'm in the business, the more focus I can place on gaining admittance to the more lucrative shows such that I am able to spend more time and energy on my artwork and with family and friends, enjoying other aspects of life, as opposed to being on the road quite so much. I suspect that continuing this process with you will have further positive impact that will ultimately benefit my entire family. I've been through a great deal physically and taking on too many shows is not a good option for us. My aching body is eternally grateful. Christy Beckwith

Hi Larry, I just got home from the Bellevue Art show in Washington...and it was a huge success. I do feel that you had a hand in it since you did such a great job with my slides. Yea! What a great experience it was to be out there with such great artists and the people were wonderful and I made money so what could be better and it did not rain...weather was amazing. Joan Edelmann

Larry-  Thanks again for your good and quick work - I'm forever in your debt. Your work on my other slides helped get me into the Philadelphia Museum show, which is very exciting. Thanks! -Fred Kaemmer

Thanks Larry, I really appreciate how well and efficiently you did everything... Judy Rand

Larry, I just thought I'd write a note to say thanks for the great tutorial on formatting digital images for the ZAPP application system. I'm a first time applicant to art fairs and the application process seemed daunting. Your tutorial is very clear and I now understand a lot more about digital images in general. Thanks! Margaret Bohls

Wow! They look better already! Thanks so much. I wish I had this earlier. Now, if they don't like my work, I can't help it. Art is so subjective. At least I know the images are correct. I've done the best I can. You really did great. Thanks. Maija Baynes

Dear Larry, I am an old school art show exhibitor. Twenty two years in the business and always loved the hands on application to shows. I resisted the ZAPP application system on many levels. Finally, when a few of my old favorite shows went ZAPP, I had to do it. When I called you, heels dug in, you walked me through the process with such professional empathy that the whole perceived "ordeal" went by in less than an hour one evening and maybe an hour the next morning on my own sending in the applications. IT WAS PAINLESS. You guided me step by resistant step and it could not have been easier. I would and will recommend you to any one who needs to take this step or is up against a deadline. You are fast, incredibly talented and patient. I am thrilled with my photos under your skillful touch and proud to send my applications to the shows using the Zapplication format. I can't thank you enough. Suzi Thomas

Dear Larry - as I was working on the narrative, I saw the new image I had asked for appear! My family is now all crowded around the laptop here looking at the image & cheering. Mom says, "You are worth your weight in gold, and if we had gold, we'd give it to you!" Anyway, thanks very much - it looks great. Sincerely, Samantha Hodge-Williams

Hi Larry, I viewed my profile on ZAPP and would like to thank you very much for your help and for the instructions. The photos look great and I truly appreciate the time you took to give me a few pointers/advice. As soon as I take some more/better photos (hopefully, they'll be much better), I will contact you again for your help. Warmest regards, Laura Nigro

Larry, Wanted to thank you for making such great ZAPP pictures for us. So far we have gotten into several shows that we applied to and are just waiting on notification from two others. We believe that having you do our pictures is what helped us get into those shows. Just wanted to let you know and thank you. Stephanie Shangraw

Larry, My thank you for your work on turning my slides into digital images for ZAPP is long overdue. I was reminded of that when I got my ACCEPTANCE for Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts! Last year with my old slides I was on the wait list, this year with ZAPP, I'm in. So, thank you for your excellent work, for your quick turn around and for talking with me about some potential shows. Michael Reimer

Hi Larry, I want to thank you again for your invaluable help in preparing our images for 35mm slides, ZAPP, and other digital applications. In the over 32 years we've been jurying for art fairs, we have never before felt such confidence in the technical quality of the images of our work. We appreciate your skills, your attention to detail, and the fact that you keep a great sense of humor while working with those of us still on the learning curve. You've given us new faith in our part of the unpredictable process of jurying for art shows. Now, the only reasons for rejection are that they just don't like our stuff, or there aren't any openings in our medium! Thank you again. Lisa Berry

Thanks, Larry. Holy Smokes !! You fixed my slides in ZAPP, faster than a speeding bullet. I am going to sing your praises to all the potters (and other artisans) I know who may benefit from your expertise in adjusting slides for ZAPPlication. What an amazing difference your magic has done to my jury images. I've visited your website lots of times over the last few months, thinking I should call, and now that I have my own "Before and After" images, all I can think is - why did I wait so long for your help? Thanks again. Jan Robb

Hi Larry, You're amazing!!!! Thanks for coming to my rescue! It was deadline time and converting to the online jurying process had me so stressed that when you suggested I drive 4 hours to come to your studio I was willing and eager for help. First you corrected, cropped and formatted my slides to perfection, making what I thought were good slides look great! It was so helpful to have you show me how to fill out the slide info and upload the pictures, then walk me through my first application and let me do the second one myself. That 4-hour drive home was much more relaxing knowing that the deadline was met and everything was done so well, thanks to you! Your email instructions are a reminder of every step we took and will help the next time I do it myself. You're "the best!!!!" Sue Fleischer

Larry, My images look AWESOME!!!!!! I was so exited about them that I actually jumped out of my chair !!!! Way to go! Marji Rawson

Dear Larry, Thought you would like to know that I just received my first acceptance into Lakefront and the first on ZAPP. Yea! and thanks again for all your help in making this possible. Your hand was in there helping to make this happen. Joan Edelmann

Thank you, Larry. Great job!!! I've completed my modifications and sent off my application to Marion, IA. If I may ask, have you always been a computer guru or did you do something else in "your first life"? Anyway, I appreciate you prompt help and rescue. Diane Thompson

Thanks for your help Larry. They look great! I'll order the slides tomorrow. Thanks for your time and your patience. I appreciate that you didn't make me feel stupid. When it comes to technology, I'm a little out of my element! Jennifer Tubbin

Hi Larry, I just finished my application to ArtsFest and wanted to thank you for the GREAT work you did on my slides. They looked wonderful! You really made this whole ZAPP process much easier for me. Thank god you're around!!! Laurie Jager

Hi Larry, My images that you formatted and prepared for ZAPP look SUPER! I wanted to Thank You again for helping me ZAPP in the new year! <grin> You made my transition to ZAPP and applying to my first show on ZAPP so easy and painless. Preparing my images by myself seemed so difficult until I asked for your help on the New Years Eve weekend - You Made ZAPP A SNAP! Thanks Again! - PS I got my 35mm slides back that you prepared and they look great too! Warmest Regards Sharon Scalise

Hello Larry, Thanks again for Zapping the images for my husband, H. Dean Willis. He is extremely fussy with the quality of images, but I felt very comfortable sending them to you because of your reputation through NAIA and fellow artists. He was very satisfied with the way they looked. If your service was a something you could purchase on EBay, I am confident you would have 100% positive feedback! Mindy Willis

Hi Larry. Great service! Thank you for salvaging our slide and for your expertise. Evy Rogers and Joe Jacob

The images look very good to me, especially compared to the other ones we had. It's been a pleasure dealing with you and I very much appreciate your prompt and highly professional work. Susan Keyes Hernandez

Larry, I was very happy with your good work. Just finished modifying the images and that was very easy. I will very happily recommend your work to others!! Thank you! Barbara Barkley

Larry, I just went on ZAPP and viewed my slides for jury presentation. To say that they are great is an understatement. You took my slides and made them shout...LOOK AT ME. In addition I appreciate your business style and professional way you handled the project. You were so informative and patient. Thank you so very much.....will keep you posted as to my future progress. Best regards, Joan Edelmann

Larry: Thank you for your digital adjustments to my ZAPP images! They look great and because of that, I feel more confident applying to shows using Zapplication. Although I am a photographer myself, I only have basic digital skills. Your expertise in this area was a tremendous help to me, and will be to others looking to stay competitive. Thanks again! Todd Lundeen

Hi Larry! With your excellent help and reassuring manner I was able to successfully apply to the show I wanted to. The info sheet you sent along with the notification that you had completed putting my images on ZAPP was extremely helpful. I printed it and had it at hand while I modified my images. Thank you! Celia Dionne

(posted to the Art Fair SourceBook Forum) After making several ZAPPlications I contacted Larry Berman and sent him a representative image. Larry worked miracles with that image! I then sent him more images, most of which were DRAMATICALLY improved. Larry suggested contacting those events with which I had already applied and to have those events mark our ZAPPlications "incomplete" so that I could exchange images. Gordon Fenner

Larry, thank you so much for the wonderful 'tweaking' you did on my photos for the ZAPPlication, you are a true master! They now look just like the original artwork. I will never attempt to do future photos on my own without your help! Jennifer Remy-Renfrow

Hello Larry, Just received the new ZAPP profile you set up for me - Looks great! I'm happy with how the images look and how you followed my directions to the letter - where some of the images required some cropping and different outlines. Now I will put them to the test - at this point I feel confident that my images will be presented in their best light. Thanks again Larry, Terry Habeger

Sorry for the delay in sending you a big thanks. I just got back from traveling but I did get a chance to look at your Comparison shots while away. I was so impressed that I kept showing the before and after shots to my co-workers. Jim and I both thank you greatly for the miracles and prompt turnaround. Lia & Jim Biond

My images look great. You've got my business. Now how do I delete the images that the show scanned for me. Justin Coopersmith

Larry, The booth shot, #1 and #2 all look much, much better, a big noticeable improvement! The other three look better and you have given me ideas to make what I think will be better slides. Thanks for your time. I'll add a link from my website to your site and a testimonial of your abilities. I'll see what I can do to get you more business. Sincerely, Mike Albin

(sent by mail) I had to rush at the library where there were lots of people taking turns on the computer. No chance to send you an e-mail to appropriately thank you for those great color translations and the help in getting set up. Mariko and Chas Swisher

Hi Larry, I've looked at the images on ZAPP and Juried Art Services and I thank you for your work. They are certainly sharper and have better color than the ones I had originally. Thanks! Stephan Cox

I wanted to send this testimonial as promptly as you completed the digitizing, etc. for me, but how do you exceed 'ahead of schedule'. Thanks for the side by side comparison with the work done by the original photographer. Your work on the images sparkled! All that and courteous service too! Grazie mille! Michelle Murray

Dear Larry, I have been wanting to send you a quick note to tell you some good news. I have been accepted in every show I've applied for since using your services. (With one exception, I was waitlisted for Sedona.) I am certain that the combination of your advice and your technical assistance with my images had everything to do with my success. I will continue to have some images that require your review over the next couple of months and will send them off to you. Christy Beckwith

Damn. I hate to say anything good because you'll probably raise your prices, but everything looks great. Joseph Henderson

Larry- Thank you for all your work. The images look great. I noticed that the ACC extended its deadline to Aug. 3. I hope this takes some of the pressure off of you in dealing with digital deadbeats such as myself. Many thanks, Fred Kaemmer

Thanks Larry!!! I posted a question and within minutes the phone rang! it was super Larry. He walked me through the problem and I'm ZAPP'in again! I spent more than three hours on the computer before I posted a question. Larry talked me through it in less than 15 minutes. I don't know how he found my phone number but glad he did! That Is the quickest response have ever gotten from a message board. It made my life lot easier and to think I was cursing ZAPP just before he called! Blaine Avery on the ZAPP forum

Hi Larry, I cannot thank you enough for not only doing a great ZAPP/JAS prep for me but for also saving an original slide. Here's the short story, I had a new booth designed by an architect, created by a woodworking group that just received "Best Cabinetry" award, photographed by a well known photographer for National Geographic. I spent two day job of setting up the booth at my home. The roll of slide film came back from the lab scratched from sloppy lab work. Thinking the original slide was ruined and I would need a re shoot, I sent it to you. YOU were able to get rid of the scratches and save my wonderful booth shot. You are now a part of a wonderful experience for me. Thank You, Alexa and Peter Smarsh

Dear Larry. You have been one of the best gifts I've ever given my business. Show decisions aren't all in as you know, but I feel more a part of this new millennium as a professional because of your services; better prepared for fall jurying for 2007 than ever before. You are helping me make my dreams come true. Linda Van Hart

Dear Larry, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They look great. What a difference from the images the other photographer prepared for me. Thanks so much for your help. Sincerely, Jayne DeMarcay

My first experience with Larry Berman and the ZAPPlication was a great success. Even though I am a photographer I had no desire to enter into the digital world so quite happily sent my photos to Larry to be zapped. I hadn't gotten into the Cherry Creek Arts Festival for eight years, but lo and behold, the first time I sent a ZAPPlication it brought me acceptance to this great event. Thanks a lot, Larry, for your technical skills and congeniality and willingness to work until everything is perfect. Norm Darwish and Connie Mettler

Hi Larry, I am very excited to finally be back in the Lakefront Festival of the Arts after being rejected for the last few years. I think having you prepare my images for Zapplication really did the trick. Thank you. Barbara Abel

Hi Larry. the images look good. I see how you adjust color to more represent the feel of the piece. Thanks! Brenda McMahon

Thanks Larry! phew! it looks like i have got my full application in with payment and all the images. You have been an enormous help. it must be nearly midnight over there so I'm sorry to have kept you up! Anyway thanks very much. Best wishes Feyona van Stom

Hi Larry, The result is stunning ,thanks a lot - you did a great job ! Wolf Dosch

Just wanting to wish you a very happy and successful new year!! Thank you so much for all your great help with the ZAPP stuff! For me it has been a life saver and most probably for many others as well. I know 2006 will be fabulous for you as you're always moving forward with new ideas, new ways of doing things and passing them on to us! See you sometime. And good luck with YOUR new work! Bye for now, Leslie Emery

Larry. Thank you for your generous help and your wealth of information. It remains to be seen if we can process all this, but you really showed us some refinements that now are essential. You did a beautiful job with our paintings, and you proved again what we all know --- professionals are the best. Eugenie Torgerson

Hi Larry, Thank you so very much for setting up my Zapp & Juried Art Services accounts. You did an outstanding job and were so very accommodating to work late to get it up in time for me to make a show deadline. I appreciate your expertise & professionalism and would highly recommend you to my artist friends. Thanks again for a great job! Jennifer Charles and Don McCoy

Larry, thank you so mush. your service is fantastic. i will recommend you to any and all that may be in need. your service has made applying to shows a snap relieving the stress is was feeling about how and where to start. Mark Knott

Larry, I just want to let you know how very pleased I am with the digital work you did for me. Not only was the quality of your work excellent, but the speed with which you were able to do the job was exceptional. I couldn't be more pleased and I will not hesitate to recommend you to other artists. Again, many thanks. Diane Buckhout

Thanks for the service, saved me some time and aggravation. Diane Harty

I am a jeweler that has been struggling with the learning curve of taking pictures of my own work. Just when I thought I had made progress and was getting ready to apply to a show, I was introduced to ZAPP. I knew that I had made tremendous progress in my photography however I did not know whether or not the pictures in which I submitted to ZAPP would look of quality to the jurors. I spoke with Larry Berman about my concerns. In his very busy schedule not only did he take the time out to talk with me but he viewed two of my images. Larry is a rare person that I have crossed paths with. It is so clear that this man cares about the struggles that artists have with the stress of submitting quality photography to the jurors. He gave me validation that I am on the right track and I can't thank him enough! Julie Glassman

Thanks SO much for your work, Larry! My slides look great, you got them onto Zapp SUPER quick, AHEAD of deadline, and have been so easy to work with! The Zapp process is so easy now that my slides are converted. I don't know why I dragged my feet! Elisabethan

Thanks for all of your help, it made life a lot less stressful. I completed the application and it went through just fine, so hopefully they won't have problems with it. You seem to know a lot more about what is going on than they do. Lance Heddan

Dear Larry, Thank you so much for coming to my rescue after Hurricane Katrina displaced me and all of my records/slides in New Orleans. Without your kind and generous effort I would never have figured out how to get my images from ZAPP into Juried Arts Services format. Thanks to you I did not miss my deadlines. Your help removed a lot of stress and pressure for me in these especially trying times. When I do get some new images down the road I will definitely turn them over to you! Thanks again, it really means a lot to me and may your kindness come back to you ten times greater. Kate Beck

Hi Larry. Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful and fast job getting my slides ready for ZAPPlication. You made the process seem so easy and stress free. Thanks a million. Mary Curtin

Hi Larry, You did it once again. We opened our ZAPP profile and said WOW! The pieces are so true and they really popped and grabbed our attention. The quality of the work along with your quick and friendly service makes you a very valuable person! Thank you so much for your fine work and information, I can't imagine wandering through this sea of technology without your expertise. Rick and I really appreciate it. Marian Steen

Larry, The images look great! I can really see a difference, particularly in the color. Also thanks so much for the technical know-how and the fast turn around, I greatly appreciate it! You greatly simplified the online application process. Thanks again, Adam Neeley

It was great to discover someone who does his best for setup, etc. of applications for digital jurying so I can continue to do what I do best...the artwork! You were also easy to contact, helpful and prompt". Thanks again. Renee Harris

The photos look great. Thanks for your quick turnaround. Michael Morton

Thanks Larry, the images look great! I will be sending more slides of my new work for future zapplications within the next month or so. Marilu Patterson

Larry, You are amazing! I had to continue going back over them again and again. It was like a new take on my work, I kept seeing more details in the beading, color and texture that the other pictures did not even come close to. I am very pleased with the quality and service. Thank you. Stephanie Distler

Larry: Great job! I really like the black and white over the color, and, yes, feel free to use the images for your presentations. Thanks for the excellent work. Allan Teger

Thanks Larry!!! I've just done the Uptown in the nick of time. The images look great thanks to you! Just a quick thank you for all your help with the new slide/Zapp stuff. I just got my acceptance into Uptown, and with your help I got in! Thanks again. Having so much on my plate at the moment, to have you as a resource is a god send! Leslie Emery

Larry, many thanks for doing such a fine job on the test images I sent you. They are incredibly close to the actual photos, if not spot on. Well done! Les Slesnick, Photographer

Wow. They look GREAT! Thanks, Larry. Nice job of editing. There is a huge difference between learning to do the digital thing “good enough” and learning to do it “well”. I learned a long time ago that in the art world there is no such thing as “good enough”. Heck, I don’t produce my work to be “good enough” – why would I allow a jury presentation to be “good enough”? I knew in my gut that there was going to be a world of guys out there who are part artist, part geek, who were going to get a huge leg up on my where jurying for art fairs is concerned. Larry Berman came to my rescue. Larry is not just ahead of the curve in the art fair world, Larry is defining the curve. Larry offered me just what I need, a state-of-the-art jury portfolio, uploaded and ready to use. I don’t have to wait until I can do it for myself – Larry already gives me the option of having great, usable digital images to jury with while I am trying to learn this confusing world for myself. But I’m never going to enjoy the tech world like I enjoy getting my hands in clay. Larry keeps my hands in clay. John Bauman

Hi Larry, Thanks again for the work on my images. The are measurably improved given the limitations of my marginal original photography. It shows me what I need to do to improve my entire presentation. But more importantly, thanks for being so free with your time to share your expertise on all things digital; an area in which many of us are just emerging from the dark ages. It shows that the community of artists can often be a community of colleagues working to better the venue. Bruce Meyer

Larry. Sometimes my procrastination and my learning curve collide. Today I realized the show I needed to apply to soon did not do ZAPP. I needed slides. Your helpful information and incredible speed in answering my request for how to make slides from digital images was most appreciated. Thanks. Carla Fox

Hi Larry, Wow you are quick! Looks great. Melissa Grosse

Hi Larry, Thanks to you, I am finished with my application, without you i never could have done it, I really appreciate your help. You were very kind and patient. Thank you!! Elsie Young

Hi Larry- The images look great! John Jameson

Larry, The new images look great in ZAPP and JAS and they look just like the slides. Thanks for all your help. See you on the road. John Harris

These look very nice on my 20" iMac.  Thanks for working on them, they are much improved, and whatever limitations they have now are the originals problem, not the transcription, I would say. Great work. Bob McNally

The images looked great! Thanks again for your help! Michael Good

I just finished modifying each image and submitted my Zapp for Crafts Boston. Will complete the Zapp for ACC Baltimore in the next few days. Your work looked perfect and made my tasks a snap! Thanks for the excellent and prompt service. Rhonda Heisler

Hey Larry, They look GREAT!!! Thanks. Mike Anich

I received your e-mail and have made the application! It turned out to be easier to do than I thought. I appreciate your doing just as you said you would and getting the slides scanned promptly. Kay Dolezal

Thanks Larry for getting everything done so fast. The slides on juried art services look fine (and you're right, the ones you did look better than the ones that ACE did for me). Thanks for doing such a good job--and for doing it so promptly. Susan Levi-Goerlich

Larry, I can't tell you what a treat it was to just plug in the info. necessary and have everything else taken care of by you! I DREAD having to wrestle my way through murky computerese! This made it so easy - thank you. I know you had to tweak the photos for background color, etc. so charge what you need to charge to our card. In my book it's money well spent! Wesley Glebe

Dear Larry, I wanted to touch base with you before I send a group of slides to be put in digital format for submission to ZAPP. You were so good to help me last year, and your work on my images got me in Cherry Creek!  I received the new CD yesterday and want to thank you for all of your good work. The images look great. Also, thanks for applying all of my requests regarding specific slides, and for returning the work so promptly. Aletha Jones

Hi Larry, The files look great and worked well. I applied to three shows on Zapp today. Ken Good

Larry, Thanks so much. The images look awesome! Ayesha Mayadas

Hi Larry, Thanks for fixing my slides for the Zapp application- I never could have waded through that myself without a total melt down. Lesley Keeble

Hi Larry, Application complete!!! Thanks a million. Mary Curtin

Hi Larry Thanks for getting these up so quickly. The problem slides look much better now. Susan Spies

Dear Larry, Just want to let you know that I am VERY pleased with the job that you did for us. Lynn Corrie


Hi Larry, Just wanted to let you know that the images look great! Thanks so much. Jan Ford

Thanks Larry. The application went fine and the images looked terrific. Peggy Eng

Thanks for your quick quality work on this ACC application process. I did end up going with your edited image of the ring after much wrestling and consultation. Thanks for your advice. I am considering sending other images and a booth slide to you and will definitely recommend you to others who need this work. Linda Van Hart

Hi Larry, I just finished the zapplication for the ACC show. Thank you for getting my images done so quickly, they looked great. Thanks. Gary Magakis

Larry- Thanks for the fast help; I got the application done last night in time. The images looked great. Chris Horney

LARRY: Thank you so much for the prompt, helpful, and professional assistance. It's rare to encounter such a consummate example of customer service! Thanks again. Dave Filppi

The images that you scanned earlier were great. Really crisp! Mark Russell

I cant thank you enough. What a relief!!!! I don't know why I did not call you sooner.... oh yeah, the pots were still in the kiln. I think they look really good. John Fulwood

Larry, thank you so much for the hand holding and walk-through. I finally managed to get both applications filled out correctly and out the door. Luann Udell

Hurray! I sent the application and having overcome absolute panic and terror..... it was simple! Please accept my gratitude for your patience... and coaching. Do you have any idea how awful and scary this all is for a novice? I loved the way you presented our work. Michele Gauthier

Hire me to prepare your images for any of the digital jury systems

Posted to The Crafts Report forum & American Craft Forum
by Luann Udell

I've just used Larry Berman's digital imaging services for the first time, and I'm impressed! Bonnie Blandford posted about Larry earlier last month, and I followed her suggestions for contacting him. I'm glad I did!

First, Larry took my high resolution TIF files and converted them into images suitable for two of the more popular on-line digital application services--ZAPP and Juried Art Services, and uploaded them into my portfolios for both. He then walked me through the entire process of applying for several shows from those sites.

He did everything except tell me which images to use. He says he draws the line at that! :laugh:

My photographer, who is very comfortable with handling digital images, did the image conversions and uploads the first time for me. But I think for on-line jurying, Larry did a better job of rendering the images. I compared two identical images from both processes, and Larry's was better, even on my monitor. He does this full-time, so he just has a good handle on the process!

Digital applications are a little daunting to someone as technologically challenged as I am, but I appreciate being able to handle everything on-line quickly and easily.

I don't have to pull out books of slides (and find out the ones I want to use are all used up!), or label them, or write in my applications and erase and white-out my myriad mistakes. Plus, I get to keep all my slides--the uploaded images can be used over and over again for multiple shows.

Whenever I messed up, I could call either Larry or the customer service people at the application services companies, or the show office and get it fixed right away. Paul Fisher of Juried Arts Services phoned me within SECONDS of me e-mailing him asking for help. He was extremely helpful and supportive about walking me through their application process.

And best of all, I KNOW my show application was received and processed within seconds.

Now all I have to do is wait to see if I got into any of 'em.

I am not affiliated in any way with these companies, just an extremely satisfied (and relieved!) artist customer.

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Jury Slide Photography

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Slide scanning for ZAPP and other digital jury systems

Jury Slide Photography

1970s ABA and NBA Basketball photographs
specializing in Julius Erving (Dr J) photographs

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