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Photographing Artwork in your Booth
at an Art Show

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This is a continuation of my FIXING JURY IMAGES page, showing what I can do with images of artwork taken at art shows
Artists that do large or heavy work are often at a disadvantage in that it's difficult to get good jury pictures of their artwork. Because of the logistics they either have to try to photograph it themselves or are forced to hire a local photographer who may not understand the nuances of a jury image.
I had written another article about using your canopy to create soft diffused light. But based on some of the images I've received, a great many artists have been too busy to shoot their work at home and have sent me images taken at art shows to fix. No matter what color your Pro Panels are, they are less than ideal as a background for your artwork. And seeing portions of other pieces in the same frame, or through the piece you are photographing, is very distracting.
The image on the left was provided by the artist and my fixed jury image is on the right. The bottom two images were taken by me at an art show. After all, the light on your artwork can be beautiful under your canopy. You can see more examples of my work on my fixing jury images page.


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