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A link to the Photo Galleries
New Gallery of photographs of visitors to my house
The Perfect Digital Camera
Who we are and why we write about Digital Photography
Order Fine Art Prints from the Web Site
How to set your new digital camera for the best results
Web Site Design for Photographers
Our book is out - "50 Fast Digital Camera Techniques"
Shooting Infrared with a Digital Camera
Canon SD870
Having the Canon SD870 converted to Infrared
Canon SD870 Infrared Gallery
Nikon D3
Nikon D3 Gallery
Ricoh GR Digital
The Ricoh GR Digital
Gr Digital Gallery
Nikon D200
Nikon D200 iTTL Flash Resources
D200 SB-800 Commander/Slave set up instructions
D200 Portraits taken wireless with SB-800s
SG2 blocks the internal flash in Commander Mode
Using Pocket Wizards
Wireless off camera dual flash and wireless cable release
Setting up a Home Photography Studio
Using Bogen Auto Poles in my living room studio
Upgrading to the Nikon D70 from the CoolPix
Nikon D70 Observations and why I made the leap
Nikon D70 Gallery
Nikon D70 Infrared
The 10.5mm Fisheye for the Nikon D70
CoolPix 8400
Purchasing the CoolPix 8400
Converting the CoolPix 8400 to Shoot Infrared
Gallery of CoolPix 8400 Infrared Photographs

Accessory Lenses for the CoolPix 8400

Tips to get better pictures with the CoolPix 8400
CoolPix 8700
Shooting Infrared with the CoolPix 8700
Southwest Photo Trip with the CoolPix 5000
Our Southwest trip to shoot digital photographs
Southwest Digital Photo Gallery
Pictures taken with the CoolPix 5000
Photo of the Day on PhotoBlink
CoolPix 5400
CoolPix 5400 Observations
CoolPix 5400 Gallery
starting June17th
CoolPix 4500 and 5700 Information and Issues
Review of the CoolPix 5700 (and CoolPix 4500)
CoolPix 4500 and 5700 Gallery
Can the CoolPix 4500 shoot infrared?
Comparison of the CoolPix 4500 and the CoolPix 950
Infrared with the CoolPix 5700
CoolPix 5700 Filter Adapter
A really clever adapter from Bernie Heins in 46mm, 49mm, and 52mm sizes. Other custom adapters available.
Raynox Fisheye for the CoolPix 5700
CoolPix 4500 and 5700 Tips
CoolPix 2500 Information
CoolPix 2500 Impressions
CoolPix 2500 Photo Gallery

CoolPix 5000 Information and Resources

Nikon CoolPix 5000 reviewed for Shutterbug Magazine
Links to CoolPix 5000 reviews on the top imaging sites

New 1.7 Firmware Update for the CoolPix 5000

Off Camera Flash with the CoolPix 5000 - Solving two problems
The internal flash still goes off when I use the SB-24 connected through the SC-17 cord Changed with the firmware update (above)
The SC-17 is designed to direct the cord into the path of the lens
Using the CoolPix 5000 with it's Built In Flash
Why people are getting either underexposed or overexposed pictures
Using the CoolPix 5000 with the accessory SB-50DX Flash
Includes a group shot with the WC-E68 wide angle lens
Forced fill flash in daylight
Using the Stroboframe Camera Flip with the CoolPix 5000 and SB flash
CoolPix 5000 Filter Options
I'm able to use all my old 52mm, 62mm and 72mm filters
Digital Infrared with the CoolPix 5000
CoolPix 5000 LCD Viewfinder
Adapting the Xtend-a-View for use on the CoolPix 5000
Quick Release Arca Swiss Plate for the CoolPix 5000
Alternate Power Sources for the CoolPix 5000
Nikon 6AA Battery Pack - Grip # MB-E5000
Accessory Lenses for the CoolPix 5000
The CoolFix Adapter
Custom adapters for the CoolPix 5700
An Alternate Adapter for the WC-E68
Check it out if you can't find the UR-E5
Macro Pictures with the CoolPix 5000
CoolPix 5000 Photo Gallery Images by Larry Berman
Image Comparison between the Nikon CoolPix 5000 and the Nikon D1X
Image Comparison between the CoolPix 5000 and the Sony DSC-F707

General Digital Information

Digital art and printmaking definitions
How to use your new digital camera
Setting the camera to take high quality digital jury images
How to open your digital images and not ruin them
Lighting Made Easy - Digitally
A review of two products that can help your lighting skills
Noise Reduction filter comparisons
Shooting RAW with the Casio EX-Z55
Digital Photography Tips
why you shouldn't connect your camera directly to the computer
Digital Imaging Links the resource web sites that update daily
Flip Album Professional
Create a slide show on a CD with autorun
Modifying the CoolPix 990 for Infrared
More infrared Camera Conversion Information
CoolPix 990 Infrared Gallery
"The BermanGrip"
Holding both the camera and the subject in the same hand for steady macro shooting without a tripod
Basic Image Processing for Digital Photography
A tutorial by Larry Bolch
Opening your Digital Camera Files in Photoshop 7
The Best Digital Camera in Your Price Range
from PMA 2003
Digital Cameras for under $500
from PMA 2002
Lossless Jpeg Rotation
How not to ruin your original digital camera image files
Shooting Digital Infrared
Black & White and Color
Recovering Images from a Trashed CompactFlash Card
Accessories vs. Necessities
What do you really need for your new Digital Camera
Direct to Digital Printing at Affordable Prices
Sizing your Files for the Noritsu and Fuji Frontier Printers
Tips for using the Noritsu printers at Costco
The Photo Wallet
Portable Viewer to view and check your digital pictures
Storage of Images while Traveling
The Image Bank large capacity storage device
The Nixvue Digital Album
The Velbon Maxi 343E Tripod One of our "finds" at PMA 2002
A good choice for a compact but sturdy tripod
The Podmatic Monopod from Adorama
The improved version of the Linhof Monomatic at half the price
The DigiSnap 2000 Serial Port Remote Release
Filter Storage
Shooting Panoramic with the CoolPix
Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras
Updated eBook from Peter iNova
Now includes the CoolPix 5000

Sony DSC-F707 & F717

Sony DSC-F707 Infrared Gallery Images by Chris Maher
Peter iNova's Sony eBook
Mastering the Sony DSC F707 & F717

CoolPix 950 - 990 - 995 Information and Resources

CoolPix 990 Photo Gallery Images by Larry Berman
A Comparison between Wide Angle Lenses for the CoolPix 990/995
The new WC-E68 and the WC-E63
Powering the Camera
Getting your Pictures into the Computer
Card Readers (recommended)
Nikon View (not recommended)
Tripods and Camera Bags
Kirk Photo Quick Release tripod plates for the CoolPix 990 and 995
Functional and small enough to leave on the camera all the time
Using an LCD Viewfinder
The Lens Hood
Copying Slides
Copy Stand for Close-up Shooting
Shooting with optional Accessory Lenses
Correcting Barrel Distortion
Hi Capacity CompactFlash Storage
Filters (Including Infrared)
TV Writer
convert JPEGs after processing for TV slideshow display from your digital camera
Resources and Links
Flash Stuff
Excess Trigger Voltage from 3rd Party Flashes can Ruin your Camera
CoolPix 5000 Flash Stuff
Perfect Fill Flash with the CoolPix 5000
Off Camera Flash for No More Red-Eye
Light Modifiers from Lumiquest and Wescott
Wein Safe-Sync
Pictures of my Off-Camera Flash Setup
With the RX Flash Bracket and CoolPix 990 or 4500
Family Pictures taken with Off Camera Flash
Pictures of my CoolPix Photo Studio that's easy to travel with
Lighting Diagram for Portraits
How to position your off camera flash or studio lights
A Professional Portrait with an example lighting diagram
Paramount Synch Cords connect the CoolPix to studio strobes
How to Digitally Photograph Artwork for a web site or jury slides
In the Art Show section
Using the Equipment listed on the CoolPix Photo Studio page
Photographing Jewelry Using a Homemade Light Tent
Photographing Jewelry using the Cloud Dome
The Nikon Cool-Light SL-1
Shadowless illumination with a ring light for close ups
Shooting Digital Infrared
Read our article on Digital Infrared in the Press section
Digital Infrared Web Site
How to Shoot Digital Infrared
Pictures taken with the CoolPix 950 and 990 by Chris Maher and Larry Berman
Pictures taken with the Sony DSC-F707 by Chris Maher
Sony DSC-F707 Infrared Gallery Images by Chris Maher
Infrared Nudes by Chris Maher
Multiple galleries
Modifying the CoolPix 990 for Infrared

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Slide scanning for ZAPP and other digital jury systems

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1970s ABA and NBA Basketball photographs
specializing in Julius Erving (Dr J) photographs

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