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My Digital (and Film) Studio Options

  1. Chimera Soft Box
  2. Dynalite Flash Heads and Cables
  3. Dynalite 1000 watt second Power Pack
  4. Tripod
  5. 2 Light Stands
  6. 2 Umbrellas
  7. Nikon Sc-18 and SC-19 flash cables
  8. Bogen (part # 2905) Swivel Umbrella Adapter
  9. 2 Nikon AS-10's (AS-E900 can also be used)
  10. Nikon CoolPix Digital Camera
  11. Assorted Paramount Synch Cords with Nikon proprietary fittings
  12. Lens Hood from RX
  13. 2 Nikon SB Flash Units
Nikon SB Flash on an AS-10 and Bogen Swivel Umbrella Adapter  

The most important lighting accessory is the Bogen Swivel Umbrella Adapter (20) that holds both the flash and the umbrella and allows directional positioning. There are also similar brackets, including one that holds two flash units which used to be available (I'm not sure because I can't find it on Saunders web site) from Domke. Shown is the Bogen bracket on a light stand. The AS-10 is at the top holding my SB-24 and the SC-18 (back side) is connected to my CoolPix.
"Adventures in Location Lighting" by Jon Falk
It appears to be self published and sponsored by the Eastman Kodak Company. My copy is from 1990 and is the fourth edition.
A great resource to professional photographers who travel. He thoroughly describes both battery operated flash systems as well as AC (or generator) powered systems.
"Secret of Lighting on Location" by Bob Krist ISBN 0-8174-5823-9
Aside from the how-to diagrams and picture examples, he describes the choices he's made in his lighting purchases and why he made them, including the cases he travels with.
I own two Dyna-Lite systems and have used them for over 20 years
Chimera Soft Boxes
Paramount Synch Cords
RX Accessories sell a lens hood for the CoolPix

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