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Juried Art Services requires JPEG images sized to 1400 pixels long dimension at 300PPI (pixels per inch). This will not be an issue for images already uploaded to JAS because the previously asked for 700 pixel images are correctly sized for jurying. But from now on JPEG images should be prepared at 1400 pixels.
Following is a basic workflow to format images for Juried Art Services using Photoshop CS2. Everything discussed is compatible with any version of Photoshop, Elements or any other image editing program, except the conversion to the sRGB color space.


Step 1
Open your original image (above) and Save As an uncompressed format like TIF. You need to treat the file that the camera captured like a negative and never make changes and overwrite it. Always save it under a different name in an uncompressed format before doing any editing. Itís OK to shoot JPEG but you need to shoot at the highest quality using the most amount of pixels that the camera is capable of using.

File>Save As (above) then choose TIF (below)

Make sure NONE is checked in the compression options

Step 2
Resize to 1400 pixels long dimension at 300 pixels per inch. This will allow the image to be printed large enough to appear in the program.

Image>Image Size

Change the resolution to 300 BEFORE
changing the long pixel dimensions to 1400

Optional Step
Optional here would be to save the new size image. File>Save As and add 1400 to the file name so you know what size the image is without having to open it in your image editing program.
Step 3
Convert to the color space profile sRGB so the images will display accurately. In Photoshop CS, itís under Edit>Convert to Profile. In previous versions of Photoshop itís under Image>Mode>Convert to Profile or Profile to Profile. Only the most recent version of Elements allows conversion to the sRGB color space. If you shoot with a consumer (built in lens) digital camera, the color space is sRGB by default. If you shoot with a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) with interchangeable lenses, the more advanced cameras give you the option to shoot in either sRGB or Adobe RGB. If your file is already sRGB, you can skip this step.

Edit>Convert to Profile

Source Space shows your current color space and
Destination Space is a drop down from which you choose sRGB.

Step 4
Save as JPG. For this last step, you have to use File>Save As JPG. An alternate way to save as a JPEG is to use Save For Web but it doesnít retain the 300PPI resolution that JAS requires. When saving as a JPEG, you will need to choose the maximum quality (12) and make sure there is a check in the box to include the sRGB color profile.

File>Save As

Choose JPG from the drop down choice of image formats box
and make sure the ICC profile sRGB box is checked

Choose a maximum quality setting of 12
by pushing the slides all the way to the right


Hire me to Prepare your Digital Jury Images

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