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Welcome to the Glossary of Digital Art and Printmaking from the Digital Art Practices & Terminology Task Force (DAPTTF), a group of professionals with a mission of compiling and disseminating a digital art lexicon/glossary to interested parties in and outside of the art community. This Glossary was produced by fifteen dedicated professionals in the digital art community over a period of some eight months in 2004. The DAPTTF roster includes not only digital artists and printmakers, but also gallery and museum professionals, art educators, consultants, and other members of the digital art industry. See separate DAPTTF Committee page for more.

The Glossary is published with the intent to minimize and ameliorate the misunderstanding and confusion about the terminology (words and phrases) involved in the creation, production, and distribution of digital art, both photographic and non-photographic, as those activities primarily relate to digital printmaking.

We hope that this Glossary will provide an evolving terms-of-reference document that will: (1) provide a common ground of accurate communication, (2) become a tool to further the acceptance of digital art, and (3) enhance the understanding of those within and outside the art community about digital art and its unique qualities and characteristics.

The Glossary comprises four sections (web pages) as follows:
• The DAPTTF Glossary itself, the listings of terms and definitions.
Printmaking Techniques contains two sections that shed more light on traditional and digital printmaking techniques and technologies.
DAPTTF Committee lists all the individuals who make up DAPTTF and who helped to create the Glossary.
Glossary References lists other useful resources for further investigation.

Questions about DAPTTF should be addressed to Harald Johnson johnson.harald@gmail.com) and/or John S. Shaw (john@printhead.net).

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