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Examples of different sets of jewelry that I've photographed. The background was changed and shadowing added so the pieces really pop for jurying.
The cost of my photography with the image treatment shown below is $125 per piece. It makes your unique creations really stand out.
Click on the purple jury slide photography link to see over 100 examples of different types of artwork that I've photographed.

more examples of my jury slide artwork photography

I also offer this service on images provided by artists, which includes my color correction, cropping and formatting for all applications systems. You can see lots of examples on my fixing jury images page. Call 412-401-8100 for more information.

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Digital Jury Resources

Hire me to Prepare your Digital Jury Images


All photos on this site are available for stock or fine art sales
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Slide scanning for ZAPP and other digital jury systems

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1970s ABA and NBA Basketball photographs
specializing in Julius Erving (Dr J) photographs

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